Its another super charged interview and as always we at EnterpriseStep have brought to you a smart, savvy computer guru, who has been able to breath life into the concept of ‘cloud computing’, literally. He has been able to combine the smart thinking of a guerilla marketer and the savvy of a maverick into creating one of Nigerias’ coolest ICT companies to watch out for. Without any more boring words from us, please acknowledge the CEO of Manuel Technologies!

The person, the business

– can you please tell us about yourself?

My name is Oluga Ajibola Emmanuel, I studied Computer science at the University of Abuja. My hobbies are listening to music and watching movies.

 Ajibola Oluga - CEO Manuel tech

Ajibola Oluga – CEO Manuel tech


-tell us about your business

Manuel Technologies and Global Investments Limited is an ICT and Business consulting Company, established in 2011 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number RC 997980.
Every solution provided by us is unique and innovative. Our approach has been always customer and market communication centric. We create solutions keeping your target consumer and audience in mind, enhancing your productivity and increasing your Business ROI (Return On Investment), using highly skilled and motivated workforce, working with best-in-class technologies.

We provide Website development and audit services, Software development, hardware & ICT equipment sales, Networking & IP Services (VoIP, Teleconferencing, Surveillance systems), Internet Service, Audio Visual Solutions, Information Security Services, Consulting, IT Training, Project Management, Outsourcing and Real Estate management.

Emeka Anyakora Business Development

Emeka Anyakora web and software development.

-how did you settle for that industry, what was the motivation to enter that market?

Had flair for computers since I was little. Went to my first computer school when I was 10, (DIVACCESS Future Kids, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi) and ever since I have developed myself in the ICT sector. I regard myself as a little (a substantial amount) of everything guy.

-can you share with us the obstacles you encounter in the course of doing your business?

The major obstacle we have encountered is that most adults like to play the “too young card”, they have this mentality that every young person just wants to make quick cas

Shola Aruna - chief techcnology officer

Shola Aruna – chief techcnology officer

-what role will you say the financial sector plays in the life of small business in Nigeria?

Truthfully, I’m not sure if they do at all because as it is, the ICT sector is more of a survival of the fittest thing as there is serious competition within the sector. Except you can guarantee the banks that they would make a 100% profit from your idea or you know someone on the inside, then you can’t be guaranteed of getting a kobo from those banks.

-while trying to get started, where there any major set-backs and how did you surmount them?

There was none at the time.

-how do you handle legal matters?

We have lawyer friends on standby that assist with whatever requires legal advice.

Marketing strategy

-what’s your overall marketing strategy, how do you plan on reaching prospective customers?

We currently have different solutions for different sectors, like the Audio Visual for Churches, IP services for Real Estate, Kiddies Intellectual Development Strategy (K.I.D.S) for Schools etc. Our services and solutions therefore cut across all sectors.
Our main strategy is to always identify our clients’ specific requirements and needs before proffering solution. The aim of this is to proffer the best suitable ICT solution in the defined timeline as required by our clients.
One of our key strengths and guiding principles to always deliver the best suitable and effective services to our customers by following standard methodologies and project guidelines to ensure accurate delivery of requirements.



-what determined your business location

Abuja is currently under development and most of the services we provide are much needed services in this part of the country.

-in this internet savvy world, how do you use social media?

Currently we are on Facebook, twitter and Linkedin but our pages are not updated as often as they should be.

-most entrepreneurs want to know; where do I get my business ideas, how do I find my niche?

All our ideas come from The Almighty.

Finance and accounting

-Can you share with us how you keep your business funded?

profits from businesses we do and inputs from the directors

-with business comes accounting, how do you address this and to what extent are you computer compliant in your business?

My C.F.O handles everything that has to do with the accounting aspect of the business

-the federal and state governments in Nigeria has geared up the drive for taxation; what’s your take on this and how does your business respond?

We have a very good tax adviser, who monitors and help us with all our tax clearance and other tax related issues.

 Nnenna Udegwu - customer relations

Nnenna Idegwu – customer relations

Human resources

-do you have any personnel?

I have got 8 at the moment. Besides my brother who is the CFO, the rest are just partners for now.
Web and Software Developmet:
Emeka Anyakora (AKA Mx)
Caleb Umoru
Dapo. Odusanya

Business Development:
Shola Aruna
Emmanuel Iyamu
Elder Eleta

Customer Relation:
Nnenna Idegwu

-How do you ensure everybody on your crew does what they are meant to do, being that you guys are mostly friends and siblings?

There is a binding agreement signed, sort of a partnership agreement and it is stated therein that any partner whose performance or behaviour ( regardless of who it is) is found to be unsatisfactory, can be given a weeks notice by the company to withdraw as a partner. This keeps everyone in check.


manuel tech Caleb Umoru business development

A little personal

-how do you balance work and personal life?

I am still trying to get my services and solutions out there, so for now, work surmounts personal life. Left to me, I can work round the clock and without rest too.

-what are we most likely to catch you doing when you are relaxing?

Listening to music

-in a nutshell what would you describe as the purpose and impact of entrepreneurship?

Most young people in the country today face little prospect of obtaining white collar jobs, for many self-employment is the only option. In my opinion, Entrepreneurship is a crucial contribution to poverty alleviation.

Emmanuel Iyamu business development

Emmanuel Iyamu business development

-in a few years time, what should we expect from your company?

We intend becoming the leading ICT and Business Consulting Company in Nigeria. We will meet up and overtake top Consulting Companies in the country and become a force to reckon with in †ђξ ICT service and solution International market.

-who is your role model in your chosen industry?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the popular social media site; FACEBOOK

Eleta Elder - business development

Eleta Elder – business development

-what would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Work hard and pray hard. Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot do it, trust in your instincts and you’ll get to the top.

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