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Closing The Sale?


Some business owners misunderstand the idea of closing the sale and it’s hurting their business.

Business is all about people and the relationships you have with them. With that in mind, how effective do you think it would be, for someone to attract a new client or customer, then close on them – get their money or their signature and consider the situation closed?

Closing the sale or opening a relationship?

That approach is hardly the stuff that exceptional business relationships are made of. However, because the term closing the sale appears, without context, in so many sales manuals and sales programs, many small business owners get the wrong idea.

They see it as an end objective. It isn’t.

Far from it, in fact.

Closing the sale is just the beginning

Closing the sale refers to closing the initial sales interaction… and opening the NEW, deeper relationship, which all great providers have with their customers.

Ongoing business success is not about closing on people. When someone agrees to hire your services or buy from you, it’s a beginning, not the end.

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Marketing You: The key to building a great business!

It has never been easier to locate people or suppliers in your industry, who are capable. Search engines and social networks allow us to find capable people and check them out, without even picking up a phone.

Your capabilities

you uniqueSo, if you are relying on being capable, as a way to build your business, you are going to find yourself consistently fighting to get noticed. You will find yourself consistently having to justify your fees. You will find yourself consistently having to compete against all those other capable people and businesses. You will find yourself unable to look to the future with confidence.

Of course, it is essential for you to be capable. However, that’s not even the baseline any more, now that prospective clients can find 10 capable alternatives on Google, in seconds.

Being more than capable

Fortunately, although there are thousands of people, perhaps millions, who are capable in your area of expertise, there is only one YOU.

  • You are unique.
  • You have a unique set of life experiences.
  • You have a unique personality.
  • You have a unique mind.
  • You have a unique way of solving problems.
  • You have a unique set of contacts and resources.

Focusing on what makes you uniquely valuable, is what allows you to rise above your competitors and grow a successful business. Learn how to provide a great service, then learn how to do it your own, unique way. The only place someone can get your unique service… is from you.

No more competition. No more fee sensitive clients. No more poorly suited clients.

Just clients and customers who ‘get’ your unique way of doing things and value you!

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TV programming?

By Jim Connolly

If we watch too much TV, it shows. It shows in our language

It’s easy to adopt the buzz words used in high profile commercials and popular TV shows, without even noticing.

For instance, the next time you hear someone tell you “I’m loving… (whatever)” rather than “I love… (whatever)”, they are showing you how a series of McDonald’s TV commercials, has changed the way some people speak.

If we watch too much TV, yet we socialise or do business with people, who spend their free time away from a TV screen, we could have a communication issue. We may also find we have very little common ground. It shows in our knowledge

Many small business owners know more about the characters in their favourite TV show, than they know about the key people in their marketplace.

They know more about the voting on a reality TV show, than they know about the way their website is ‘voted’ up or down on search engines. It shows in our thinking and our actions

TV programming is extremely effective at programming how we think and what we do. This is why brands and politicians invest billions, to get their messages into our minds, via our TV screens. Because of this, we need to be aware that what we watch, shapes what we think.

Many small business owners watch business-themed entertainment shows, like Dragon’s Den, then confuse them with the reality of raising funding for a business idea. A friend of mine is an investor and she made an interesting point recently. She said that since Dragon’s Den started, she has noticed people coming to her for funding, with their ‘dragon act’ rather than a robust business plan.

We need to be careful what we allow to influence our thinking. It could be wrong. For example, dragons live in a lair, not a den –Lions live in a den! Things to focus on if you want to quickly see amazing results

By Jim Connolly                                                                                                                                                                                      

How is business?

If you would like to attract more high quality clients or make more sales, here are 3 areas that can produce massive, immediate results. They are based on 3 of the areas I work on, when I start marketing a new clients business.

1: Why should someone hire you or buy from you, rather than one of your competitors?

Failing to answer that question correctly, is the most common mistake small business owners make, yet it’s the single most important element of your marketing.

Why? Because unless you can answer that question correctly, you’re wasting your time trying to market your business. Until you know what sets YOUR business apart from the others, you have no marketing message. There’s no compelling reason for someone to buy from you or hire you, rather than one of your competitors.

If you sound just like your competitors, the only way someone can judge your value, is to compare your fees or prices to your competitors. Remember, your competitors all promise a great service and they all have impressive testimonials. What sets you apart, needs to be something that not everyone else can claim.

This is the very first thing I would work on with you if you were my client, because it improves every element of your marketing. It also helps you attract the best clients and the most rewarding fees. Getting this right can be a game changing moment for you. This is especially the case, if you find people are fee sensitive when you speak with them or you find you attract too few word-of-mouth referrals. If this sounds familiar, fix it now.

2: How compelling is your written marketing or copy?

Maybe once a month I see a piece of small business marketing, which has been written correctly. The rest is clearly written by a keen amateur and is failing the business horribly. What’s the point of going to the time and expense of having a website, brochure, blog, email campaign or newsletter and then wasting the opportunity with ineffective marketing content? None!

If you want to motivate people to buy from you, hire you, visit you, email you or call you, your written content needs to compel people. It needs to inspire them. It needs to be so much more powerful than the average marketing message. I’d work with you on this at the very start, because it’s so extremely important. It’s almost certainly losing you business on a daily basis right now, as it stops people contacting you. You and I would review your marketing messages and work to make them perform massively better for you and your business.

When applied to your online marketing, the copy you and I produce could lead to great results very quickly – as all those readers, whose inquiries you are currently losing, feel compelled to take action and get in touch.

3: How effective is your website, at attracting new client inquiries or sales?

Within an hour of this post being published, I will start attracting inquiries from people who want to know how or when I can start helping them and their business. They will read this post, click on the link about how to hire me and then get in touch.

YOUR website or blog should be doing the same!

Your website should be a regular source of highly targeted business inquiries or sales. As mentioned above, it should be expertly written, so that when people find your website they are compelled to take action. It should inspire them to go from being a reader, (passive), to being someone who gets in touch with you, (active).

If your site is attracting people but they are not getting in touch with you, it’s failing on one or all of the above points. In other words, your lack of a compelling difference between you and your competitors and your lack of effectively written copy, is hurting your business. As a new client, I would show you how we can apply to your website, the same ideas that grew this site from zero, to one of the most popular marketing sites in the world.

Now what?

Those are just 3 of the things you and I would work on, if you were one of my clients.

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A lot of business owners wonder about effective marketing, in terms of cost and result. I often get the sense that they want a one-size-fits-all formula. Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple.

When figuring out your marketing plan, you shouldn’t just find a list of tips and employ all of them, or blindly try what worked for someone else. Below are four-step process for discovering what will work best for your business.

kudi, ego, owo.

kudi, ego, owo.

1. Define your target audience. What is the smallest, most specific group of strangers that wants your product? This is an imagination exercise and the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. For instance, let’s say I’m in the business of producing small chops. One target audience would be ‘party people’ who have an event coming up were snacks and small chops will be needed. Precise, right? That’s how you need to think.

2. Determine when your customers want your product. This is very critical. Nobody wants a product all of the time. Throughout the day, consumers’ desires change. Personally, I don’t want food when I’m not hungry. I don’t want to sleep when I’m not tired. I don’t want to replace my car when mine is working just fine especially now that there are no more ‘okadas’ on the road. Like the ‘small chops’ example I gave; people will normally not want small chops all the time, therefore you must be smart enough to judge when demand for your product is raised.

Coincidentally the internet has provided a much needed glimpse into how people buy and sell, most entrepreneurs make the mistake of sampling their target market on the internet alone,  Instead they should first ask, When people want to buy, are they even sitting at a computer? In the small chops example, my potential customers want to buy my small chops during the moments they decide they need small chops in their parties. That’s the best time to reach them.

Keep a date, part two will be posted by Monday


3. Be at the right place, at the right time. So how do you get there when consumers want your product or service? All other moments and ways of getting to them will never compare to marketing that finds its way to this magic instant in time. Back to our small chops example, if I’m a cash-strapped entrepreneur I will use guerilla-marketing tactics and post adverts and signs with ‘invitation card printers’, ‘aso-ebi’ sellers, caterers ETC.

conuting the gains

counting the gains

4. Expand the idea. If you aren’t super excited about your idea, go back a few steps, or even start over, you may have missed something that might be key to the idea. Once you are totally satisfied, ask your self why your service/product is irresistible. Once you are able to answer that question satisfactorily your business is sure to fly. After every sale you make, ask: Who were they (the people you sold to)? What were they doing? How can we get to others like them?


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