About EnterpriseStep



For too long, the vibrant, creative and brightest business owners and developers in Nigeria have been ignored. Plagued by numerous challenges in the course of doing business in Nigeria, these inspiring, everyday men and women forge ahead with what they know how to do best. Possessing a super strong will and a very persistent spirit, these inspiring business creators are not your everyday; front-page news makers, yet they provide the very essential drive to sustain the entire economy – small businesses. Every week, we will bring you the story of one of these inspiring entrepreneurs. So please, share this site with as many people as you can. You just might inspire someone to take the next step of joining the entrepreneur train.


we have been reinventing our selves at EnterpriseStep and one of the things we came up with is this; there will be an EnterpriseStep person of the year at the end of the year which will be decided at an event that’ll serve also as a venue for business minds to meet. The details of this even will be communicated soon on this blog site. So contact us if you want to feature or if you have someone in mind to suggest to us (check our contact us page) you will be glad you did.


2 thoughts on “About EnterpriseStep

  1. i am proud of my cousin for creating these unique fashion clothing.. i shall try
    my best to advertise this industry to friends and contacts here in the UK

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