Daisy Mo’ fotography profile

1) Introduce you.

I am Morolayo Adesola Animashaun, CEO/Creative Director/photographer for Daisy Mo’ fotography.
2) I like the self given accolades. Tell us about your company.

Smiles, Daisy Mo’ fotography is a photography outfit based in Lagos, Nigeria. It came into being in August 2008.

3) How did you settle for that industry, what’s the motivation to enter the market

It wasn’t accidental, although I never thought I was going to end up as a photographer,  I have always loved pictures so I grew in love with the art of photography. I once lived adjacent a photography studio, I would visit there just to see how its done and so I developed interest, all the while I was working in the admin department of an engineering firm. August 2009 I opted to pursue a career in what I love rather than keep trying to love what I was doing at the time and so I started Daisy Mo’ fotography.
4) So tell us the obstacles you encounter in the course of you business.

I grew up outside Lagos, and my business is based in Lagos so I had to start from the scratch. Building clientèle was my biggest challenge however I also had the challenge of acquiring equipment. I had to rent equipment for the First two years of operation after awhile I got my first state of the art camera. Those were my major challenges amongst others.

daisy mo' photography

daisy mo’ photography


5) Did you conduct a feasibility study.

No, I didn’t conduct a feasibility study. I wasn’t so ‘business wise’ then, I learnt on the go.
6) Raising seed capital.

Raising seed capital was rough, I had to hustle to raise that, friends and family helped as well.
7) How do you handle legal.

I am still working on having a sound legal framework.
8) How did you handle Your business registration.

I got Daisy Mo’ fotography registered in 2008. A friend of mine helped out.
9) If asked; can you put a price-tag to how much would be needed to get a photography outfit started?

That’s a tough question; it depends on how big or small you want to start. All that’s needed are a full professional camera kit, a laptop, software and of course your knowledge (training required here). Like I said, it depends on how big or small you want to start.

CEO, Daisy Mo' fotography

CEO, Daisy Mo’ fotography


10) What’s your overall marketing strategy?

I believe in first carving a niche for my self; I specialize in photographing; maternity, newborns, children and family portraits. I do events too. I focus my marketing strategy around these.
11) What determined your location.

Accessibility, I believe your business should be situated around the kind of clientèle you want to build and maintain.
12) In this internet savvy world how do you use social media?

Social media is fun, I have a fanpage on facebook, I have a twiter handle, I am on BBM, I am on linkedin, blogspot, wordpress, I have a website and I belong to countless internet community were I learn new tricks of the trade. I also watch professional tutorials on youtube.

the daisy mo' effect

the daisy mo’ effect


13) How do you balance your work and personal life?

That’s actually a big deal, I am still learning how to do that comfortably without affecting either one.

14) A young adult as your self should have a special someone right?

Actually yes, he understands and respects what I do and he gives his support.

15) What do you say to aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria?

To aspiring entrepreneurs; keep your head up, Focus on the big picture. Obstacles and challenges will definitely come. there will be ups and downs. One thing will keep you afloat; PASSION. When you are passionate about what you do and you have a big and clear picture of where you are headed. Just spread your wings and fly.
Thank you for your time.



BBM pin; 32F20B15

http://www.facebook.com/daisy mo’

phone; 08182431663


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