1) Introduce your self.

I am Adenike Adedeji, the brain behind Kolony Catering ‘N’ Decor. God gave me the idea and I implanted it. I’m a
graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo university and I hail from Oyo state.

2) Tell us about your company
Kolony started in June 2010 only with cakes and small-chops but the decor aspect started in February 2011 and since then, our business hasn’t been the same , it has only grown from strength to strength.

3) How did you settle for that industry, what’s the motivation to enter the market

The motivation behind it is I had always liked to beautify the house- mostly interior decoration and also in my house,I was called “Chef” because I liked to cook n was good at it. Later on, I decided to make money out of what I enjoy doing and its been a wonderful experience.

4) So tell us the obstacles you encounter in the course of you business

Mnnnnnn……..obstacles,I never saw them as obstacles, they were only “challenges” which were stepping stones for me to do better. For instance, marketing myself to a client and they will mention a big name saying “I prefer to use this outfit o…” Or say “I haven’t heard of Kolony before”

an event venue decorated by kolony catering n decor

an event venue decorated by kolony catering n decor


5) Did you conduct a feasibility study

No, I did not conduct any feasibility study.My business is mobile with all the communication channels being used for advert. This has really helped us to grow.

6) Raising seed capital

I was working at the time I started Kolony so raising capital wasn’t an issue.

7) How did you handle Your business registration

I went to Corporate Affairs Commission Ikeja to register.

8) The Federal and state governments have geared up the drive for taxation; how do you see this and how do you respond in your business?

Well, I think the tax system is reasonable because so far,I haven’t really noticed the billings on my account.

Kolony catering n decor makes sure bride and groom rides well

Kolony catering n decor makes sure bride and groom rides well


9) What’s your overall marketing strategy?

My marketing strategy is using my blackberry and facebook pages, showing clients my previous jobs, it gives new clients more confidence in us$

10) What determined your location

Our location revolves around our business and clients.

11) In this internet enabled world how do you use social media?

Like I said earlier, we use all means of social media to market our services

silverbird independence celebration decor by kolony catering n decor

silverbird independence celebration decor by kolony catering n decor


12) How do you balance your work and personal life?

Its not really easy combining the two but God has been faithful. I have lots of friends who say I don’t visit any longer but its because our jobs are mostly on weekends.

13) A young adult as your self should have a special someone right?

Yes I do, smiles

14) What do you say to aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria?

There is no crime in starting that big dream of yours. Just start small and the Almighty will bless the work of your hands.

Thank You
If you would like to contact Kolony catering ‘n’ decor for that fabulous service (as I know you will) please see bellow;



BB pin:2227E0EC



    • thanks for dropping by Dewtees cakes & events, you can have your business profiled here as well, plus you can read our practical business tips which can really help turn your business around and keep a date ‘cuz more profiles are on the way. Enjoy!

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